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J&B West proudly serves Northern Indiana, Southwest Michigan and Eastern Illinois for home exterior needs.

Yes, we offer free estimates for your home exterior replacement needs.

Yes, financing is available for your home project. Please ask your sales representative for more details!

Contact our office by calling or filling out a quote form to schedule an appointment with one of our sales estimators and to discuss your project needs.

Yes, J&B West is licensed, bonded and insured.

Full replacements of roof, siding, soffit/fascia and gutters come with warranties for both labor and material. Please consult with your sales representative for more information on our warranties and products.

Yes, financing is available for short term and long term options.

Roofing FAQ's

We know replacing your roof is a huge investment. However, it is not one you should delay if you need it. There are many signs that indicate a new roof could be needed. The age of your current roof may be the first consideration to make. Other factors that could suggest a roof replacement is needed include leaks, missing or broken shingles, and excessive granule loss. Many signs are not always obvious from the ground, so it is always best to call a reputable roofing company to offer a professional evaluation of your roof condition.

There are numerous factors that can go into a repair or replace decision. Sometimes damage is minimal or limited to one location, and other times it is more extensive, making repairs inefficient. Roof replacement may be recommended when you have already tried multiple repairs and they are no longer solving the issues. Also, consider the age of your roof- it may be a better financial option to replace the roof if it is nearing the end of its life span. Before you make the final decision, it is always best to consult with a professional for a more thorough inspection.

When calculating the price of your new roof, roofing contractors take a few factors into consideration: overall size, complexity, materials and other features like chimneys, flashings, and skylights. A replacement roof is a big investment and in order to give each customer the
most accurate estimate, a professional evaluation is recommended.

We understand that any home renovation can be a burden to your day to day life, therefore, it is not uncommon for homeowners to ask how long it will take to complete a roofing project. Depending on size and complexity, we are able to complete most roof replacements within one
to two days. Larger, more complex projects can stretch as far as three or four days. If timeline is a concern, an experienced member of our team can offer you a more thorough guide based on your specific project.

Our roofing crew will lay tarps around the perimeter of your home to collect debris as well as use magnets to pick up any nails. There are a few small steps that you can take as a homeowner to help ensure a smooth process. 

First, make sure to remove loose items from your walls and shelves as sometimes vibrations from the roof can be enough to cause unsecured items to fall. 

Clear your vehicles from the driveway and garage. This will allow our crew to safely remove debris and ensure that you are able to get in and out during the installation process.

Cut your grass. It is much easier to find leftover debris and pick up any fallen nails with the magnet once the project is complete. 

Clear yard decor and patio furniture. Although our team works diligently to protect your home, falling shingles and debris could easily damage items that are left in close proximity to the home. 

Finally, locate electrical outlets. The installers use powered equipment on your roof, so they will need access to an outdoor electrical outlet, if available.

Even the best quality roofing system has an expiration date. Generally you can expect your new shingle roof to last between 25-30 years. Important factors that could impact how long your new roof will last include the quality of installation workmanship, environmental conditions and quality and type of materials used. Another important factor to consider is that you have proper attic ventilation. An improperly vented attic can drastically reduce the lifespan of your new roof. Make sure to consult with your roofing contractor if you have any concerns or need further information.

Damage to a roof is not always visible from the ground. Roof damage should be assessed as soon as possible after a wind or hail storm by a trusted, professional roofing contractor.

We know it can be intimidating when it comes to finding a contractor for something as pivotal as a new roof. Asking for referrals from your friends, family and neighbors is always a great place to start. The next step is to make sure the company is appropriately licensed, bonded and insured for your protection. You will also want to investigate the manufacturer designations and warranties offered by the company itself. A company offering lengthy and extended warranties is confident in their quality workmanship and product.

Most work should not be done by yourself. Professional roofing contractors are trained to safely and efficiently repair roof systems.

Leaks can be hard to identify and may not always be obvious to the human eye. It is always best to always contact a trusted roofing contractor to help evaluate your roofing problems.

If you suspect your roof has been damaged by hail, allow a roofing professional to inspect your home and help guide you through the process. Commons signs of hail damage include granular loss and dents and impact marks to the roof. Hail hits are often random with no discernible pattern.

Both weather and age are common roof-damaging circumstances beyond your control. Other factors could include critters, poor maintenance and improper installation.

A metal roof will typically last approximately 40-70 years depending on the metal manufacturer and panel installed. Exposed fasteners may not last as long.

Siding FAQ's

Common signs it may be time to replace your siding include: loose or cracked siding, warping and rot and/or hole or damage to siding. It may also be time to replace your siding if you notice fungus, mold or mildew, higher energy bills or your current siding is in need of frequent painting.

Vinyl, wood and fiber cement are the most common siding materials used.

Vinyl siding is cost effective to install and makes a beautiful statement with minimal upkeep. In addition, vinyl siding offers a wide range of colors, styles and textures to choose from. Vinyl siding is a low-maintenance, affordable option and when properly installed may also help to reduce your heating and cooling costs.

Vinyl siding not only helps to increase the home’s value, but will also improve your home’s curb appeal.


Although many homeowners decide to have their roof and gutters replaced at the same time, it is not always necessary. If the gutters are attached to the roof or through the eave metal it may be necessary to remove and replace your gutters when your new roof is installed.

Aluminum gutters will typically last around 25 years. To help ensure your gutters reach their maximum life span, stay on top of cleaning and maintenance.

Just like your roof, your home gutters will age and wear over time. Key signs to look for indicating the need to replace your gutters include cracks, splits or separated gutters. Over time, gutter fasteners wear out. If you notice your gutters sagging or pulling away from the roof, it is a clear sign you are due for a new gutter system. Finally, if you notice flooding in your basement, your current gutters could be the problem.

We offer a wide selection of colored gutters at no additional cost.

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