As the storm season approaches, it's essential to prepare for severe weather conditions. Storms can cause significant damage to your property and lead to costly repairs. Taking the necessary steps to protect your home can save you money and headaches in the long run. Here are a few tips to help you prepare.

Inspect Your Roof

Your roof is the first line of defense against harsh weather conditions, so inspecting it before storm season is crucial. You can either do it yourself or hire a professional roofing company to inspect your roof thoroughly.

Look for any damages or wear and tear on your shingles, flashing, and chimney. Ensure there are no loose or missing shingles that can cause leaks and water damage during a storm. If you're unsure how to spot these risks, it might be best to call in the professionals.

Check Your Siding

Siding is another essential part of your home's exterior that protects against wind, rain, and other harsh elements. A damaged or poorly maintained siding can cause moisture to seep into your home and lead to mold or structural damage.

Checking that your siding is in good working order before storm season is paramount. You can hire a siding company to inspect your property for damage and repair any questionable issues or replace any worn-out panels.

Protect Your Windows

Windows are vulnerable to breaking during severe storms leading to debris and water entering your home. Make sure your windows are up to the task of protection before taking the brunt of a storm. Check your windows for cracks or pre-damage.

You can also cover your windows with plywood during particularly strong forecasts. A good defense includes the installation of impact-resistant windows that are made to withstand strong winds and flying debris.

Hire a Strom Restoration Company

Even if you prepare your home's exterior before storm season, accidents can still happen. In case of storm damage, you'll want a reliable storm restoration company to help you right the disaster. J&B West Roofing and Construction have served Michigan City and Northern Indiana with a "taking care of customers from day 1" approach since 2007.