In the spring, there are seeds and small limbs, perfect for squirrels to snag and sneak into attics for nests. Summer storms leave branches and birds’ nests. Fall winds can mean whole limbs find their way onto the roof. And then winter arrives, ready to freeze it all down into the gutters, eaves, and on the rooftop, buried under a blanket of snow and ice.

It’s easy to see what happens next: water may not drain properly off the house, which can lead to rot and permanent damage.

That’s why it’s so important to keep the roof clear. Many people will climb up and use leaf blowers to clean the debris. This can work well if done carefully from a solid footing. However, there are some key tips to remember.

  1. First, don’t clear the roof in bad weather or while wearing smooth-bottomed or open-topped footwear. There are too many dangers of falling or slipping. It’s wise to secure yourself in such a way that you cannot fall.
  2. Be careful where you walk: stepping on the peaks can crush shingles. You may also find spots in the roof that have been compromised if a large branch has fallen. Step there and find yourself in the attic. 
  3. Don't use scraping implements, such as shovels, on a roof. These could pull up or otherwise damage the shingles. They can also catch on gutters or vent flashing, picking up edges just enough to cut through the soles of your shoes. Power washers can also be hazardous to the roof, removing the protective outer layer of shingles and making the roof a treacherous, wet surface as you clean.
The best way to ensure a safe, strong roof is to call a professional to clear the roof after a big storm or regularly throughout the year. Not only will you have the security of knowing your roof is clear, but they can be on the lookout for any damage that should be reported to your insurance company before being fixed.

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